gangotri tapovan



Further up from Gaumukh is Tapovan, Gaumukh Tapovan Trek distance is an approx. 4 kms trek. The area is a high altitude meadow and is known for its scenice beauty and spiritual experience. It is at the the foot of Mt. Shivling at an altitude of 4400 meters(14400 feet) and provides a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains like Mt. Shivling, Bhagirahti peak & Meru Parvat. A stream named Amrit Ganga flows in to the Gangotri glacier from there.

The place is home to sadhus , Indian sages who live there and add to the spiritual experience. The climb is steep and fairly difficult, climbing through boulders and crossing streams. The altitude, rocky terrain makes the climb a rather tough one, so one has to keep physical fitness and high altitude acclimatization in mind. Tapovan also serves as the base camp to mountaineers for expeditions and climbs such as to Kedarnath, Audens Cole etc.

Gaumukh is the snout of the Gangotri Glacier and is known as the source of the Bhagirathi river which eventually becomes the Ganges river, the holi river in India, at devprayag where the confluence of Bhagirathi and alaknanda river happens.. The Gaumukh trek is approx. 20 kms from Gangotri.